Saving sight is our vision.


Telehealth allows us to communicate with a patient and manage medical problems via the internet and telecommunications.

Tele-ophthalmology means using video conference equipment to have a consultation with the eye specialist in Perth without leaving your hometown.

Outreach Services:

If you have a problem with your eyes, you should first see an optometrist (Visiting Optometrist). Optometrists do more than sell eye glasses. If you have eye-health problems, you can visit one of our highly trained optometrists who can make an assessment and organise a consultation appointment.

Outreach services are coordinated visits by ophthalmologists to regional communities through the Vision Van and Visiting Optometry Services to give patient access to clinical assessment, review, follow up and surgery if required.


Each year, thousands of Australians suffer the debilitating effects of vision loss and blindness. There is a substantial gap in eye health between rural and remote Western Australians and their urban counterparts. People living in rural and remote Australia needlessly experience higher rates of blinding eye disease. Yet 94% of vision loss is preventable or treatable.


The case for investing in the elimination of avoidable blindness and vision loss

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