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Uncorrected refractive error causes almost 2/3 of vision impairment among (63% Indigenous and 62% non-Indigenous) Australians.

Visiting Optometry services visit 30 communities, completing over 80 trips per year across the Kimberley, Pilbara regions and mid-west regions.

Correcting refractive error remains their principal role, including dispensation of spectacles, in communities which are often too small to support traditional models of health care delivery. Visiting Optometry Services provide equitable access to quality eye health care service within the local setting.

Delivering outreach optometric services to people living in regional, rural and remote locations, who do not have ready access to primary eye care services . Lions Outback Vision Visiting Optometry Services are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health administered by Rural Health West

Visiting Optometry Services

The Lions Outback Vision Visiting Optometry team are increasing optometry services in areas of identified need;

  • improving the coordination and integration of those eye health services and the quality of ongoing patient care; and
  • enhancing communication between visiting optometrists, local health providers and other visiting health professionals.
  • facilitating effective communication and patient care with local health professionals.

Visiting Optometry Schedule 2022

19Wyndham4DAHS4Wyndham13-17Jigalong/Cotton Creek/Punmu/
Kunawarratji (TBC)
Feb1-3Roebourne (TBC) 14-18Jigalong/Cotton Creek/Punmu/
Kunawarratji (TBC)
11BRAMS21-23Roebourne (TBC)
7-11Fitzroy Valley16BRAMS16/17Balgo27-29Bidyadanga
14-18Halls Creek/Ringers SoakApr4/6DAHS18Mulan
16Yakanarra7/8Looma 19Bililuna
21/23DAHS5-7Roebourne (TBC)23-27Fitzroy Crossing
24/25Looma20BRAMS 23-25Halls Creek/Yiyili (TBC)

Visiting Optometry Schedules often change due to weather and unforeseen circumstances. Note at this time optometry services are being delivered following Government guidelines and will be updated as communities invite services back following COVID-19 lockdown.

For information on schedules or bookings contact Lions Outback Vision or 08 9381 0802 or contact your regional health clinic.  Additional clinics will be added to this schedule as they are confirmed.

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